Linde Crafts

Fall 2018. We try to sail from Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada to Rockland, Maine, USA. The wind blows anywhere but the right direction. A severe gale warning makes us seek refuge, which we find in the tiny harbour of Westport, Brier Island.

This is how the story of Linde Crafts begun. We met incredibly nice people on Brier Island, who offered us a house where we could stay for the winter. Being here on a tourist visum, we were not allowed to work. Living on land is less intensive then living aboard, so we had plenty of spare time. I started sewing, something I always do when I have time. Hans learned how to turn pens on a lathe. Linde Crafts became a busy business.

This is not a webshop, but more like a display. We would like to show you what we make. If you are interested to buy a pen or a bag, you can send an email to

European Round Top Gold/ Zebrawood
European Round Top Gold/ Driftwood
Sierra Button Click Chrome/ Driftwood
European Round Top Gold/ Yellow Birch and Walnut Birch
Sierra Button Click Chrome/ Spalted Maple
European Round Top Gold/ Birch
Streamline Flat Top Gold/ Elm
European Round Top Gold/ Driftwood
Maple Leaf Pen and Pencil Chrome with Gold/ Driftwood
Whales (blue)
Cactuses (brown)
Flamingos (grey)